My haul


Botcon 2005 - My Haul

You know I'm a loser, right?

Of course you did.

The Attic of Love grew by 49 bots this weekend. Pretty crazy.

My haul included:

  • OTFCC 2003 Sunstreaker Hotel Exclusive
  • The Botcon 2005 Exclusive Set + Attendee Figure
  • Botcon 2005 Exclusive Ratchet and Flame*something*
  • 3 Hasbro Ramjet give-aways
  • Masterpiece Convoy trailer
  • Car Robots Speed Breaker
  • Car Robots Wild Rider
  • Car Robots "Slapper"
  • E-Hobby Robot Masters Victory Saber Exclusive
  • Takara Perceptor Re-Issue
  • Takara Robot Masters Thundercracker and Skywarp
  • Car Robots Eagle Killer
  • Reformat Megatron Chase PVC
  • Car Robots Indy Heat Jusco Exclusive
  • Car Robots Super Wrecker Hook Daeie Exclusive
  • Takara Victory Saber PVC
  • Takara Super Ginrai PVC
  • Takara Alpha Trion PVC
  • Takara SoundBlaster PVC
  • A ton of Micromasters
  • Takara Convoy holding Megatron PVC
  • Hasbro Optimus Prime w/communicator PVC
I didn't get everything I wanted but I didn't see any Takara Super Fire Convoy ToysRUs sets.

Oh well. Got some crap I didn't plan on.

Unfortunately, the exclusive box got banged up a bit in my suitcase. So did e-Hobby Victory Saber.

Life goes on.


I'm jealous of your Sunstreaker.

I paid too much! I saw him during the preview on Friday and bought him for $40 since they were always going for more on Ebay.

Of course by Saturday many vendors had dropped them to $30. But shit happens.

Still not quite as bad as me paying $15 for an E. Arcee on eBay then finding one next week for $7 at Walmart.

I hated my impatience for weeks afterwards.

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