Shockwave... not frigg'n Shockblast!

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Arghhhhh!!! Of course, Hasbro must have gotten back the Shockwave name since it now adorns a future mini-con repaint release.

That is like balls sucky since they named Alternator Shockwave frigg'n Alternator Shockblast due to the trademark having been lost. The trademarks of many many Transformer names from the 80s are now lost so we end up with the constant regurgitation of a select few over and over and over.

Balls! Balls! Balls!

But at least the main man's name is back where it belongs! Shockwave being my favoritest Transformer makes this good news for me.

I never called him Alternator Shockblast anyway. And oh.. he's Alternator Dragstrip too not that silly Decepticharge name. Bah!

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Alt Shockblast? I don't care what the box says. Check his license plate.

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