In which I kneel at the obscene altar of the crack gods!



Yes. I'm flying to Dallas, Texas in little over 3 hours.

Yes. I know there's a hurricane that is probably going to come on shore in Texas and pound the eastern part and eastern coast of the state hard.

Yes. I know it will probably turn into torrential downpours in Dallas.

But I intend to make the best of this.

If I can find web access I'll blog and stuff. If I can find web access and USB access I'll upload pictures to my Flickr space for you all to stare at in awe of the plastic crackiness.

If something horrible happens and I die then just know that such an event would make me the ultimate loser. I mean really... going to the Transformers convention during a hurricane. How fuck'd up is that!?!?!

And I'm already fucking pissed that the "attendee exclusive" is another fucking repaint of Arcee!!! FUCK THAT SHIT MASTER COLLECTOR!


I'm making commemorative t-shirts for you and eve...

"I survived the Rita-soaked Botcon '05 and all I got was this lousy repaint (and this kick ass t-shirt)"

Oh you, you won't die. My Star Trek Chronology says that in 2008, you'll become one of my henchmen. Or my nemesis, depending on the timeline. But I've already said too much.

he's already sitting at the airport (or should be). ziggy, run the numbers on that probability, will you?

oh wait. i'm mixing my scifi again.

Speaking of -- PEGASUS TONIGHT!

I can't wait. I'm unplugging the phone. pizza and Ensign Ro - what more could I want?

HA!! for those of us without cable...THRESHOLD!!!

Kel -- as far as bad TV goes -- did you see Invasion? You know, written and produced by Shaun Cassidy? Um... I really hate to say it but I might actually watch it. For a while.

Did you tivo it? i didn't watch it. it looked kind of cool, and that one Shaun Cassidy show was awesome. I didn't see surface either. But threshold was actually really interesting and creepy.

I did, but I may have deleted it. I still haven't decided whether to watch, simply because we've already seen the aliens in the first episode, and to me, that just told me it won't last.

I'd rather watch reruns of Roswell.

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