Can I go home now?

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The awards dinner just let out and it is time to start drinking again. Heavily.

Been a good day and I've only spent about $380 so far. Unfortunately, the large suitcase I brought is already full so I can't really buy much more than PVCs and such.

So far I've gotten the Masterpiece Convoy trailer ($45... great deal), Robot Masters Thundercracker and Skywarp (only $40), Reissue Perceptor, the Jusco Exclusive Indy Heat and Wrecker Hook I came for, Botcon 2003's Sunstreaker, a ton of PVCs I needed, and the e-Hobby Black Victory Saber.

The dinner was fine but the "fandom" part sucked.

Met some really cool people from California and Buffalo that I've been hanging with.

We'll be leaving for the airport around 1:30 tomorrow.

And yes. I'm pretty sick of Botcon.

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