Michael Chain's jacket could destroy Unicron.


taken from botcon.comThis is Michael Chain. He was the voice actor for Red Alert, Powerglide, Hoist, and Skids (for his only appearance) back in the 80s.

He'll be a guest panelist at Botcon 2005 where I'm headed at the end of September.

I am hoping that his jacket will also make a guest appearance.

In fact, I'm hoping that his jacket gets a panel all of its own.

All bow down before Michael Chain's jacket of eternal doom.

All hail Michael Chain's jacket of eternal doom.


The heck with BotCon. When's he touring with the Scorpions? Rock me like a hurricane, baby.

And then there's the hair. What's up with the hair?

Is the hair getting a seat at the panel too?

I was gonna say the Scorps too before Evebird beat me to it. There's no one like you...

to eyebird & pilochi - I rented my hair and the jacket.


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