Sunday Morning Sunday Morning


Ok. It is the morning and I've had another measley 5 hours or so of sleep.

But man I had fun last night.

There's something to be said about being 5 states and 1200 miles away from Cowtown and yet ending up at a Wal-Mart at 11pm looking for both toys and alcohol.

Good times. Definite good times.

I'll be leaving this afternoon and arriving in the greater Cowlands sometime around 9pm. As always, most of the day will be ruined by travel and such.

But I gotta say this: I did meet some great people and had a very fun time this weekend.

(And I only spilled my drinks twice!)


I do hope you took pictures.

Awww, you didn't mention the part about getting hammered before you left!
...I'm also looking forward to pictures. I was hoping for a story about how you two had to make a pontoon boat out of micronauts and Beast Machines repaints, but reading that you had a good weekend is even better.

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