No. I'm serious. What the hell is that?


What the hell is this?


Huh. I've never seen that particular knockoff before. But it reminds me of the G1 "Dinobots" with antlers and wings.

Aye, tis a pitiful ship. What bilge rat would design a snow plow/flying machine? Arrr.

Tis indeed. Methinks you know it tis Talk Like A Pirate day!

'Cause jets need wykkyd badass spoilers to go extra fast. 'strue. . . I saw it on "Pimp my military discretionary expenditures."

I'm Mr. Plow, and I'm here to say,
I'm the velvetest guy in the USA.
I got a big plow and I move a lot of things,
Like your cow if ya had one...

It is truly one of the worst Chinese knock-offs of Blitzwing I have ever seen.

Maybe you can supply a decent voice for it with your breathing mask on...

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