Botcon 2005 Descent Into Evil Exclusive Set

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Botcon 2005Exclusive Set

Behold! The Master Collector Botcon 2005 Super Balls Mega Expensive 7 Figure Exclusive Set with Box. It too could have been yours for only $265!!!

Alas, it is mine after much grumbling and anger over buying it without knowing how lame the figures would be and then getting more angry for not cancelling it.

Master Collector was nice enough to let me cancel the $140 loose versions I had ordered (with a restocking fee...ugh!) so that was one plus to the weekend (though the things probably would bring more than the $140 price on Ebay and I could have recouped some of the cost.)

The set includes the following:

Deathsaurus (a repaint of Car Robots Gigatron)
Ironhide (a repaint/minor retool of Energon Tow-line)
Chromia (a repaint/minor retool of Energon Arcee)
Fallback (a repaint of Energon Strongarm)
Richochet (a repaint of a G2 Jetfire)
2 Dirges (a repaint of Beast Wars Buzzclaw)

This set really irked me and it was basically because of the fact that I didn't want anything other than the Ironhide. And then for Master Collector to throw in 2 repaints of the same damn ugly insect/lizard Beast Wars fuzor was just too much.

I'm very happy I got a refund on the loose set.

Numbers in Collection: 1418, 1419, 1420, 1421, 1422, 1423, 1424.

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