Perhaps they'll release it on DVD. Yeah. Right.

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So the mildly-not-as-annoying-as-the-previous-two-series Transformers Cybertron has been removed from Cartoon Network and will be going to Kids WB!. And of course, Cowtown doesn't get Kids WB! even though we are a a major 'Merican market.

And guess what? They are actually going to run the show starting with episode 1 instead of episode 4 like the fuck-ups at Cartoon Network. I still can't figure out why CN started in the middle of a story that needed to roll out as intended or else it wouldn't make any sense. Not that the previous Transformers Energon made a lick of sense anyway.

And to think I was kind of enjoying this not so shitty series.

Oh well.

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Now you can watch it without the shoehorning of the Energon storyline where it doesn't belong!

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