New plastic crack for Nala.


09-10-05-ginrai.jpgMy Takara PVC Ginrai arrived today from Great Britain.

You know it is kinda funny and kinda sad that I've had a hard time acquiring one of these and ended up finally winning one from a Great Britain ebay auction of all places. And it was even cheaper than he typicall goes for here in the colonies. Hell. Remember when I finally had to resort to getting an Energon Ultra Magnus from Australia? Bad craziness.

And no. Ginrai is not Optimus Prime. Yes. He looks like Optimus Prime but he isn't. He's actually a human with the cybertronic cock ring wrist bracelets that he bangs together and then he can merge with a transtector (Cybertronian spark-less body) that happens to have been a replacement body for Optimus Prime. Confusing yes. But not really if you are familiar with Transformer Masterforce's different direction for TFs in the 80s.

Of course, Ginrai merges with his trailer to become Super Ginrai and then mergers with God Bomber to become God Ginrai, my favorite PVC.


...and the PVC hunt continues in Texas....

One of the things I quite enjoyed about the bad dub of Masterforce was the fact that there just happened to be a truck driver named Optimus Prime to inhabit the body meant to be occupied by Optimus Prime. I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. Prime are very proud.

Ugh. That is a bad dub. They had all the Americanized names for characters and dont' call them by the Japanese names. Minerva is Nightbeat, Shuta is Siren, etc.

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