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Botcon 2005 - Big Ass Optimus

Good morning kids.

I am so damn tired today that I just decided to skip work. I had it scheduled off just in case and I'm glad I did. Feet hurt. Shoulder is still killing me from Thursday night. All in all. I'm a mess.

So. Botcon? You are wondering how was it perhaps?


We arrived with only the drama of an extremely out of the way and very long Super Shuttle trip to the hotel from the airport.

I was still pretty angry from the unveiling of the 8th figure as another Arcee repaint so you could say I was a little worked to the nerve.

But on the plane I decided I was going to go, have a good time, meet some people, and just by my retarded normal self.

Master Collector let me cancel the 2nd loose set that I had ordered. Yeah I had to pay a bogus "restock" fee but that made me feel a lot better.

I picked up my boxed exclusives (which I decided to keep) and killed a bit of time in the dealer room.

Evebird and I ended up going to a Japanese hibachi/sushi place for dinner and of course, found a frigg'n Toys R Us while we walked back to the hotel. Geez. What losers we are.

Casino Night was ok. E ended up winning a prize of the exclusive Ratchet and then I won the prize of the Virulent Clones. Of course, I had no wish to own these so E traded me (he'd bought a Ratchet earlier) so that made my entire day perfect and any remaining anger of these figures faded away and I was able to enjoy myself completely.

I did get a bit bored of Casino Night (and $5.50 Red Stripes) so I headed to the bar where I sat for an hour or two talking with a non-Botcon hotel guest from the UK. He's an IT director for Cadbury-Schweppes and we chatted about IT, outsourcing, the Doctor, and miscellaneous other stuff. Nice guy.

I then headed back up to my floor and stopped by a room with an open door where some guys were trading and selling stuff.

This was the best thing I did because I met Tom, Greg, Kristin, and Andrew and imposed myself on them the rest of the evening but I just really needed to be social and they didn't seem the kind of fans I was trying to avoid.

Spent a few hours there drinking and bullshitting and such.

I then crawled into bed around 2ish quite intoxicated and actually happy that I was having a good time in Geeksville.


About 3 hours later I found myself up awake and sober so I got cleaned up and dressed and found the gym area and treadmilled for a while.

Eventually I was able to get on the free computer and post, as you obviously know, but man it was practically impossible to get on that damn thing.

So I found myself sitting down in the free breakfast area of the courtyard around 6:30 reading and this guy I briefly spoke to the night before, Jeremy, sat down. I had noticed he was from Parma (by way of his badge) and we shat the shit and talked crack and the con while eating breakfast. (Note: I'll get into the really weird shit moment of the weekend involving Jeremy later.)

Aside: I was originally a little mad at the $129/night cost but quite frankly loved the Embassy Suites place and the fact that made-to-order breakfasts were free every day and there was a free bar from 5-7 every evening. In retrospect it was totally worth it.

I spent the day at a few panels and wandering around buying crack and stuff.

There was a very lame costume contest considering there were only 2 entrants and they were dating.

Botcon 2005 - Frigg'n awesome Shockwave costume!

The Shockwave costume just rocked the balls fantastic! Really. Sure it was cardboard and papier mache and the like but it was great. (But, I am biased because I'm a Shockwave fan.)

The awards dinner was in the evening and it was ok. The "entertainment" of voice actors and such doing some fan fiction schtick was just horrible and I just don't get into it.

However, Craig won a door prize of the much sought after Alternator Decepticharge so that made the evening better.

Botcon 2005 - A frigg'n Decepticharge!!!

The rest of the evening was spent jerking around watching Justice League. We ended up driving to Wal-Mart to buy alcohol and came back and played this game called Nuclear War.

Then something came over us and we started throwing paper airplanes around the open space of the courtyard.

Botcon 2005 - View from our floor. See geeks.

No geekae were hurt but the security guards obviously saw these things coming down from upon high so we more or less disappeared.

Thing is. Craig, Adam, and others even went down and picked up the things that flew down. It wasn't like there was anything that could have been hurt or a mess left. And note: Andrew can make a wicked paper airplane. It was beauty to behold the flight 10 or so stories with this beautiful spiral motion. I never mastered this skill.

I think I crashed around 1:30. Very intoxicated but a good day was had nonetheless.


Another 4-5 hours of sleep only and I had breakfast with Jeremy again.

Ok. Here's the weird shit moment. We're talking about things and he begins to describe the blog he's recently started about food he cooks. I started thinking back to a couple of weeks ago about a blog that I commented on that involved a banana dessert and I noticed I was the only person to comment ever.

Well. It was his blog. How weird shit is that. I just happen to meet this guy 1200 miles away and I was the guy that I left his only comment. Just a weird shit moment.

More of the same shit on Sunday really. And that's kind of what was hard about this one. There was about 1/2 as many dealers as last year and that made this annoying to say the least. Unless you are a collector geek you don't understand how many times one goes over a dealers' wares deciding what to buy and at what price. With fewer dealers you just don't have that many options.

In fact, I think the dealers were pissed at the lower turnout of people and the fact there were fewer vendors even though that theoretically meant more $ for them. However, some vendors, especially BBTS, seemed to be abotu 20-30% higher priced than last year. In 2004 I bought so much from them and this year I was shocked at the costs so I totally avoided them. Just not worth it really when I found things for so much cheaper at other vendors.

Botcon 2005 - Future Alternator Mirage

Hasbro added new items to their shelves. We'll be getting an Alternator Mirage soon. Totally titz. They will also be releasing a Dodge pick-up truck as Optimus Prime. I'm pretty sure I heard correctly that this was supposed to be for another bot but Takara wasn't thrilled with a Pick-up because they don't have many in Japan (but like Hasbro and train bots) so they made it Convoy/OP out of compromise so it would sell.

The trip home was delayed due to whatever drama Northwest was having.

I'm still recovering.

I'm just really tired. Really really tired.

Botcon 2005 - My Haul

My haul was pretty decent. I now have purchased my 1428th Transformer. Pretty sick indeed.

There's a gallery of other photos. I didn't take much since my camera acted up a lot of the weekend. It will die soon. I know it. I may post the stupid silent videos too.

All in all, I was happy. There are somethings I didn't like but hey, it happens.

Oh well.

Oh. And Don Figueroa will be illustrating a Beast Wars series for IDG.

Not only are my panties totally moist but I will be his bitch if he wants me to be!

Don Figueroa transformer art = super wet sopping Nala panties.


Let me know whe you're caught up on your sleep and tv so we can have dinner to get caught up on our lives.

I can always make time for Max Power. You know that.

I must say, that was my weird shit moment of the month (I don't have them that often). I had a great time at Botcon, and was glad to have met you. Now I might have a reason to go to Columbus again (that is if you want me there) and if you ever want to stop by Parma, you are more than welcome.

That was a major weird shit moment, but I'm glad about it. It was great meeting you. If you are ever in the Cleveland area, or would like to be, let me know. It would be great to have you up.

Jeremy: I don't get up to Cleveburg as much as I used to but I do need to make visit up there some time.

Hell. I'm been promising visits to Dayton and Cinci for years now and haven't gotten those fulfilled yet.

Here's hoping petrol doesn't go out of control and stop the easy ability to travel.

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