Classics Octane


Classics Octane

I don't give a shit what trademark was lost... he'll always be Octane to me and not a deranged Rhinox!

Classics Octane is the 2085th Transformer that I've acquired.


He'll always be Octane to me too! Decent mold, but very weak truck mode IMO.

I really dislike his lame kibble "big thing-with-teeth" weapon. I understand it's necessary to remove the piece from his vehicle mode, but I'd have much rather had a rifle/blaster for him than some sort of super weed trimmer attachment.

Is he still a triple changer?

Carl: Yes. He's now a C-130 looking cargo plane, some sort of high-tech looking fuel truck. Check it:

This is kinda random but I wanted to share this. I was looking at the next wave and there is an unfortunate Transformer with the name Heavy Load...

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