Things that made me crap my pants in this week's comics.

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Now that's what I'm talking about!!!

Nala + the real Time Trapper + some semblance of the original LSH = crapping pants.

It has been a long time since a final word balloon in a frigg'n piece of paper crack made me feel like a kid again.

"...I deserve better than I've been given."

No shit!

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This WAS no doubt pure awesomeness!

Methinks Superman is going to finally be uber cool again. :)

Are you an LSH or Superman fan? I'm pretty much an old school LSH fan.

oh no way. DC is gonna use the Time Trapper to un-punch everything? AWESOME.

You mean you don't like Superboy-Prime punching reality as an explanation of bogged down continuity change? :-)

Seriously though, all I can figure out is that this is the real pre-Zero Hour Time Trapper and that it will all somehow explain why now we have the "sort of original Pre-Crisis Legion, the Zero Hour Legion, and the current Legion".

Of course, the Time Trapper says that every time he tries to remove Superman from the Legion it has failed so he'll remove the Legion from Superman or some such.

But... the last 2 Legions haven't had any ties to Superman!!!

Oh well.

It'll be drawn by George Perez so that's all I need.

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