Insane in the membrane? Duh!


Yes. I had a craving.

Yes. It was obviously filled lately.

Yes. I feel like a whore for buying those lame ass Transformers Club Seacons and that Nightbeat.

No. I don't feel bad about being a whore at the moment. That'll come tomorrow.

Yes. I still plan on getting rid of toys even though I've recently bought more.

No. I don't know when I'll have the time. The garage isn't going to get repaired and finished by itself.

Yes. The translation of the Bible into Lolcatspeak may just be the greatest thing ever.

Yes. The Crack Den is somehwhat cleaned up and has as many plastic robots as will likely fit.

Yes. It is barely 1/4 of the actual Attic of Love Collection.

Yes. It makes me sad I can't surround myself with years of wasted money.

Yes. I am a loser.


okay, first: lol @ the lolcat bible!

you aren't a loser! but i would like to see a pic of your crack den if you ever get a chance to take pics...

also, i am pretty sure most people that collect are mildly OCD. so we can't really help it! at least we aren't stacking decades worth of newspapers or keeping toenail clippings in jars....right!?

I second Teresa request for a gallery tour of the infamous crack den ... pretty please?

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