A little late... but still some of the greatest stuff I bought this year!


Way back when at the last toy show I ended up buying some very rare toys that mean more to me than even Transformers.

I've slowly been buying what I can find but it isn't easy.

Hell... Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy was easier to acquire than most of this stuff.

But... I give you...

Baron Karza, Andromeda, Force Commander, and Oberon

Baron Karza, Andromeda, Force Commander, and Oberon of the Micronauts toyline!

And not only did I get these beautiful rare toys that day...

The Pickett got me...

One of the greatest films ever.

How I loves me some Ilsa!

And I have to find She-Wolf of the SS one day! I haven't seen it in years and that copy was damaged! It is my favoritest Ilsa movie ever!!!


hey that's a nice haul. always loved micronauts and the whole MC/pre-TF world.

just stumbled upon your site. quite comprehensive!
great site.

i just started blogging on TFs on wordpress. please do visit every now and then...


Just received Sunstreaker (Cool...), Powerglide (okay...) and Octane (ABSOLUTE MEH! I've never known a figure to have such loose joints in all my life! Totally CRAP!)

Now to find Onslaught...


The kid next door to me had a bunch of those Micronauts when we were kids. They were so much fun to play with!

My big thing from that time are the Mego's. I love them. Though at this point I have all the characters I ever really cared about so I haven't bought any in a few years.

Oh my god, you lucky scoundrel!

I loved Micronauts as a kid. Why, the breaking on Christmas the rear wing of the brand new Battlecruiser is still wedged in my mind... These are beautiful things! Knowing how nice it is to have just the Palisades Baron Karza, I can't imagine the joy of owning the original. And Force Commander too!

Nice, how much were the Micronauts? I still have my "G1" Andromeda and had always dreamed about having a Karza to go with him. Then a few years ago Palisades made their reissues but the quality was horrible and I was so very sad.

I probably still have my Hornetroid and Giant Acroyear somewhere too.

Somehow googling for a recent post, I came back upon this entry, which led to a flurry of wiki-ing on Ilsa. And this curious fact - in Los Vegas, one can get married by the former She-Wolf of the S.S.

Wild! Now that would be cool. http://www.ascenicwedding.com/

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