TF Movie Deep Space Starscream


TF Movie Deep Space Starscream

The only reason I got him was he was 50% off and I was amazed how much I liked the paint deco on a shitty mold like this.

It'll likely never leave the package.

TF Movie Deep Space Starscream is the 2094th Transformer that I've acquired.


50% off?? Frak. I paid full price when he was initially released a few months ago ...

I kinda wish I had never bought the original one. This one looks so much better.

In reference to your movie toys bin, I just took a different teaching job and I decided to take my movie toys to school, rather than other stuff. I figure those kids may be able to i.d. them plus I don't care if they get busted up :)

I don't really like most of the movie toys myself, but I found Deep Space Starscream for 30% off and liked the deco so much I bought it. Thought about waiting for 50% or more but they were going fast.

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