Robots. Robots. Everybody's gots some robots!


This has been the week for people to visit Plastic Crack and to email me about it!

I almost feel guilty that I've been fairly TF-content-less for so long but as always, the real world of stuff is intruding upon the already lackluster feelings I'm having about collecting right now.

IMBotcon 2007 - Day 2 - Kristin got an iPhone(Though MrsDuce read the other day that I'd forgotten about the SDDC stuff and she and MrDuce were actually in San Diego and snagged me a set of everything! They are ten levels of awesome like that. Maybe it is all that damn TF love I send out coming back to me!)

Anyway, back to what I was blabbering about... oh yeah...

I came across your blogsite today and just writing an email from one Tranformers fan to another, I love your collection. I would also like to ask where you usually get your toys from especially the rare and exclusive ones. Ebay? I live in Singapore and its a little hard to find exclusives here because we do not have any major toy conventions here. I have to get them from Ebay. But sometimes I do stumble upon some great stuff here in Singapore. I have a blog of my own too which I recently just started. I collect mainly optimus prime.
I also sell some rare and hard to find toys too. I saw your Black Super Fire God Convoy and can you please tell me if you ever find one? I want one too. Loose or mint doesn't matter as long as its complete. But anyway love your collection. Transformers rock.
Palpmaster;s got a Convoyfetish going on.

Actually, I've noticed quite a few in TFgeekdom that really love the *fill in the blank* Primes!

I've never been a huge fan of the Optimii other than Optimus Primal and the Totally Kick Your Ass A Thousand Times Before You Know It Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy.

Though quite frankly, looking at his Convoy pics has made me realize I gotta let my translucent Micron Densetsu Conovy out of the package one day. And my I Can't Believe I Paid That Much For A TakaraTomy Fusion Cluster Protoform Convoy.

So many gay robots, so little time to open them.

They are the love though.

See? There's a little love popping up today.


thanks for a little love, and there is just something about the convoy! i too love optimus or magnus style its all good! and is that your crystal convoy stuck in his box? i certainly couldn't wait like that... but you already know i opened mine the night i got it! :P

Been feeling the love for new toys too... Got Animated Soundwave, Oil Slick, Snarl, and Movie Salvage today, as well as TakTom Astrotrain yesterday...

So nice...

Mind you, I didn't spend as much on TFs as I did on Clone Wars Lego... :oS


The love. It ebbs and flows. Who knows what the inferno might bring.

1) I agree, we are ten levels of awesome.

2) Where did you find that awful picture?

3) I'm glad you got your toys!

MrsDuce (doesn't really have that ring to it...:P)

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