Classics Prowl


Classics Prowl

My only regret here is that I should have waited for the Henkei version. Without the chrome, he's sorta dull. What TakaraTomy's doing really adds a little bit of pizazz to him.

Classics Prowl is the 2084th Transformer that I've acquired.


I didn't know they were going to have a henkei version of Prowl. Is he going to have the silver on the legs like the prototype pics? That would kick ass.

Yeah, after seeing the Henkei version, I may have to get that one too ... just like Astrotrain.

I feel that his weakness is that his head and the piece his head is attached to, doesn't sit flush back on the hood like I expected it to. Also, some detail on his shoulder cannons might have been nice. I picked these guys up when I found the first Powerglide in my area. Love love LOVE him.

After I used the Reprolabels upgrade set on him, it worked wonders on an otherwise bland deco.

I might even touch up the shoulder missiles.

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