Such hard decisions to make.


So... I had a quandry...

Do I label the new guys "Universe 2.0" or just keep the fandom generated "Classics" as my line for these guys?

There was a time I'd have been extremely nitpicky about this sorta of gay ass shit.


Hell... I'm sticking with Classics!


New moulds should definitely be Classics (or Classics 2.0).

The other repaints? They can be universe or classics or whatever.

They're "Classics 2.0" to me ... frak the universe label ...

Nala, your new-found love must be catching. After hardly spending a penny on any TFs this year, I've gone and bought 15 in the last 2 days! :oS

Including Movie Warpath exclusive... Is he any good?


It's a scout size, so I'm guessing it's the Sector 7 one, the one in your Flickr...


The rename to Universe rather annoys me, admittedly. It comes off as the catch-all for repaints and reissues that I have been seeing at Kaybee Toys for eons. I definitely don't think "new product" when I think of Transformers Universe, I think of "Guess we'll be seeing more repaints of RID characters."

What the--
Really nobody here who paid attention to news,or conventions/announcements?
Universe is hardly new,it's the same universe line that's been running for years now,Classics 2.0 (continuing the Classics tradition of the name not actually appearing on the box) is a new subline,like real gear to the movie.
This subline has a notification on the box saying "classic series".
Yes,i rant and nitpick.

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