I'm in heaven... oh such heaven...


Speaking of comics (because there still is nothing remotely Transformersish for me to talk about)...

Remember when I had an "opps I crapped my pants" moment back in May?

Well... Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1 came out Wednesday!

Damn! I've got some semblance of my Legion back and I get it all drawn by my favoritest super-hero artist ever George Perez.

My love-hate relationship with paper crack is just about as crazy as the love-hate relationship with plastic crack!

Alas, I sold off 95% of the comics and obviously PaperCrack.com can never truly become what I wanted it to be.

Then again... when would I have time.


It's been a while since i've been here but damn i love the face lift, btw i had no idea you were a Legion fan i just picked it up in my local pull-list yesterday

I've boycotted Final Crisis. I also wont buy any title that has a tie in. Did they really bring Barry Allen back? I don't think I like that idea at all. I'm a Wally West fan. I'm just sick of all this Crisis crap. The direction DC's been going lately might soon end my Papercrack addiction. I only really buy DC.

Yes they brought Barry Allen back so far it's not as bad as you think, they also updated many of the new gods such as Blackracer but what sucks about final crisis is that i've seen Orion die 3 times in 3 other books. But Legion of 3 worlds will finally clean up the mess of the multiple legion versions and arcs and find a home for superman prime

Am I the only one who's sick of Superboy Prime already? I mean, really. Who thought it was a good idea to bring a character from the seventies and then give him the "super invincible, plus planets around with my pinky-finger" level of power from the sixties/seventies and then have him fight the modern day version of Superboy and Superman?

Literally THE only reason he's able to clean their clocks is because he's at DC seventies power levels, and Superman is at post John-Byrne-Revamp levels. What kind of bullshit is that?

And I'm with Carl. I've been reading comics for so long that I'm really getting tired of them killing people off and bringing them back for literally no reason other than some writer always had a hard-on for the character so let's figure out a way to make him not-dead! Yay!

What's the worst is that the character deaths in the last several years, they've worked hard to make each one this big lead-up thing with the death at the end so as to impart an emotional impact...which is then rendered irrelevant.

What's next? Some sort of time/dimensional travel by the JLA and they land in alternate Earth plane (yet again) and then they run into Blue Beetle who decides to come back to the main DCU with them?

I sincerely believe that's going to happen at some point soon.

I'm sure i haven't been reading in as long as you as i only got back into reading comics (other than Transformers titles) after a 8-9 year stint of not reading comics around Infinite crisis for DCU and for Marvel about civil war. as for killing off and bringing back characters on that will piss me off is if Marvels secret invasion is a way for them to bring back Captain America by saying "yes he was in space so we had the Skrull version killed in The Death of Captain America" i'll be pissed. As for the DCU i only really read the current LoSH and both Green Lantern titles but i have always hated superman because he has so many powers but unless your batman he can't be beat and thats why i think i like Prime because he does'nt give a shit and abuses that power and yes he whines a little too much and thats my only defense i'll have on prime lol

I agree with StormSurge on Superboy Prime. I'm behind in Countdown so I don't know what the hell is going on there with Prime, but I figured he was done and done good after Darkest Night. Why is he still around? (rhetorical...)

I also find it amusing that, by everyone calling him Prime, they are basically acknowledging the fourth wall and their own 2Dness.

Nala, who are your favourite Legionaires. I like Dawnstar a lot and Wildfire, but I have a soft spot for Sunboy after the Giffen issue that focussed on him. One of my favourite comics ever. Sniff.

I am torn on the Final Crisis. I loved #3 and the last half of the book, but I hate that they killed J'onn for no apparent reason. Grrrr.

Nala, I am blown away by your response, as it brings to glaring light that I've forgotten a LOT of DC history, apparently. Something that before I'd have argued wasn't the case. Thusly, your post was great because I was reminded of some things, and a few other bits were totally new, or at least presented in a light I hadn't considered.

Furthermore, I agree about Infinite Crisis having completely screwed up the history I previously had down pretty cold. But then again, that Hypertime nonsense didn't wash with me as a way of trying to explain how everything in the DC universe that has ever happened, to include all the Elseworlds and crazy 60's and 70's (our years) of the comics all happened theoretically, it was just in different dimensions.

Talk about a band-aid on a bullethole.

As for Superboy and the Legion, I wasn't a big Legion fan, because most of the stories I'd read (old Silver age books) as well as the modern stuff just seemed kinda contrived. "Oh no! It's the evil counterparts of our main three guys! (Cosmic King always cracked me up)" or "Oh no! Some techno-thieves have stolen (insert some crazy technology here) from the Science Police archive! Let's send Bouncing Boy and Matter Eater Lad to investigate!"

The only good thing was that the nineties Legion books were drawn much better, which was a bonus to a teenage comic book nerd like me since most of the team are women in skimpy outfits. Dream Girl? Worthless but man she was hot. Who was it that was drawing the books for awhile? Barry Kitson?

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