Ah vibranium. How we've missed you.


Now this is some bad crazy fanwank in Iron Man.


I never would have caught that.


Wow. I totally missed that.

I did catch where the band in Vegas and his celphone played the 1966 cartoon's theme, tho. Probably the best theme for anything up until Barney Miller.

Who the hell would have noticed that?


I caught the cell phone, too.

That looks faked. Will have to check that out when I take L'il Heavyarms to go see it this weekend.

Really dug it. More specifically, really dug that Robert Downey Jr. was more Tony Stark than any of the Batman actors has been Bruce Wayne. Wasn't perfect, but I think Superman 2 is the only superhero film that merits that honorific. (ESPECIALLY the cellophane S.) Of course, I might be biased because that one filmed in my hometown.

The last fight scene was anti-climactic, but the initial flight sequence, the scenes in Afghanistan, and the F-22 fight were definitely worth it. Of course, much like the best scenes in the first Spider-Man were Willem Dafoe talking to himself, the best scenes in this involved Downey by himself, building the armor. Jeff Bridges slid from his easy charm to creepy pretty well. My brother didn't even process that that was The Dude until halfway through the film.

Which should indicate one thing-CASTING should be their first priority in superhero films. Effects will come later. Also I'm really curious as to how Marvel's gonna try to make him NOT AN ASSHOLE in the comics to buoy his newfound popularity.

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