Me play with gay robots. Me not transform foot and get bitched at.

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So I, Nala, was catch'n up on my paper crack blogs this morning and came across the reason why you should love the Time Trapper as much as I do.

Time Trapper

The Time Trapper kicked Invisible Kid (turned into a toddler) in the ass!!!

And Toddler Reep's awful dialogue reminded me why I so hate Silver Age DC stories where super-heroes are turned into children or are portrayed as childen a la Superbaby: the awful dialogue used to imply they are children.

Have you ever really met a little kid that horridly misused the world "Me" as portrayed back then?


Should I ever quit my "career" and return to my graduate studies in physical anthropology, you can rest assured I will try to include references of DC Comics' physical manifestation of entropy kicking children in the ass in everything I do!

You've read it here first!

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It am not valid question. Why kids am always not talking like Bizarro?

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