I wish you'd stop ignoring me because you're sending me to despair.


1. Have any of you ordered directly from e-Hobby?

2. If so, how the phrock did you do it if you don't read Japanese?!?!?!?!


E-hobby doesn't take orders from people outside japan anymore.

Drat! Not everything translates!

Where did my comment go? like i said,they only sell to Japanese residents.

This is highly annoying!

I ended up sending them a lot of emails, both in English and in (carefully Babel-fished) Japanese. They were good both times, but it was pretty hard figuring out what the hell was going on at any given moment.

K, maybe my mind is gone. Cause I sure thought I put something here.

Try this. A lil English at least. Use the "Contact" button in the upper-right hand corner to send them an e-mail on how to order.


http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/web/?wb_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.e-hobby.co.jp%2F&wb_lp=JAEN ,excite translates meaningless stuff into cylabals (spellcheck needed on this one) . but you'll have to type each link you want translated into the translation bar here. http://www.cosplaylab.com/links.asp

Yeah neospark,alot of comments don´t show up lately. i left a comment with a great translation machine but it ain´t popping up.

What,just cause i said i didnt like Henkei Astrotrain as much as the hasbro version?

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