S'all quiet in the plastic robot world.



Not much really go'n on in the world of the roboplasticos is there?

The FansProject Ultra Magnus kit keeps looking better and better.

I'm actually kind of liking the repaint Binaltech Arcee.

I had a request from Brunei to try and snag one of the SDCC Nemesis Prime Scourge exclusives so I'll probably get one myself.

I don't think it is possible for me to care less than I already do about Transformers 2.

And I need Robot Heroes Cheetor badly.

How's your world?


You're right Nala, TF collecting has been pretty slow lately. Guess most folks are patiently waiting for the TF Animated toys to hit stores next month. Count me as one of 'em!

I managed to order a Takara-Tomy Classics Astrotrain - waiting for it to arrive in the mail. And I recently picked up Premium Barricade, Premium Jazz, Salvage, & Stealth Bumblebee for $6.99 at Target - woohoo!!

I've also pre-ordered the FanPoject UM kit, the encore reissue of MetroPlex in Sept, and I can't wait for SDCC Nemesis Prime!!

Well, nothing major indeed going on. Good for the wallet, aye?

Would Soundwave and Ravage being in Transformers 2 help? :)

Hmmm ... I could have cared less about "Scourge," until I saw his packaging. Sold!

Nothing going TF-wise for me. Just ordered the Classics Mirage and Trailbreaker sticker sets from Reprolabels (working on a Classics Trailbreaker using Movie Ironhide.)

Oh, I was talking the other day about my new RID Optimus Prime at a message board I frequent and someone there offered to sell me his extra Car Robots God Magnus for 10 bucks plus shipping. (The only thing that was wrong with it was the tab that holds the front of the cab in place is broken, but it doesn't affect the figure at all. He had bought a replacement was about to just throw this one out.) I told him I'd think about it (had to ask my wife) and was just about ready to buy it when I got a PM last Friday from the guy saying I should be expecting a package that day. He had sent me God Magnus as a gift! (I paid him back for the shipping to say "thank you.)

Also, I am totally in love with Omega Prime.

Well, since you asked.

On the Transformer front, kirilaw bought me Animated Prowl tonight for picking up her triathlon race kit (we usually both do this race, but I'm sadly out of shape partially owing to the length of the winter, so it's just her this year). While in TRU, I found one Bulkhead and bought it. I hope to put a pic up tomorrow. Through fan2fan, I just ordered the blue Guardian Robot repaint of Omega Supreme for $150 (plus s/h to be determined).

And I am trying to resist a BBTS sale.

In other news, I'm an uncle again and we're off to meet my niece-in-law this weekend. With a Slumblebee in hand.

And I picked up a great-but-secret idea at our craft night in Ottawa last night (www.spinsandneedles.com). Heh.

I'm not really on the edge of my seat waiting for new Transformer movie news but I'm not like the "I don't care guy" either. I'll say this though: if we get official confirmation Ultra Magnus is in the movie I think I would literally shit my pants in excitement. I want Ultra Magnus in the movie so badly that I'd be more than willing to put up with him being a white or blue and white version of the Optimus movie design.

On my TF front,

I'm waiting on both an MP-04 & MP-05 (Yay!), My Victory Box Set is gonna keep me entertained for a while and I've also pre-ordered Classics Sunstreaker/Prowl/Octane/Onslaught/Powerglide/Galvatron from BBTS (I couldn't wait :D).

Therefore, The TFs continue to demand money leave my wallet - even during quiet times on the Int. TF front...


Holy Lord, I think that UM city commander kit will be the height of kick-ass!!!!

Drat, also, I agree that my Transformer collecting has been slow lately since I've got all the Alternators (most of the ones available) and the Classics (everyone except the Cliffjumper BB repaint) I wanted. I am patiently waiting for more Classics to finally hit the shelves.

On a good note, the slowdown has allowed me to blow my crack money on completing my Joe roster instead! :D


Is Michael Bay still involved? Once you can answer that one with a "no" I can assure you my interest level will go up.

Yep, still bitter about a crap film.

@ Frowny

What, you didn't like the camera zoomed way in on every single action scene so it looked like a bunch of random car panels running around in a dryer spin cycle?

I didn't like the lack of Optimus Prime charging in heroically only to have the cliff shot out from under him, having him fall like a moron. Or getting turned into a robot alligator. Or Megatron hatching a plan that involved hypnosis in nightclubs. Or one of the minibots falling in love.

What I continue to like about the G1 series is how incredibly (though charmingly) dumb it is. Thank you, Buzz Dixon and co.

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