Henkei Astrotrain


TakaraTomy Henkei Astrotrain

He's great.

A lot more color in the deco than I initially thought.

I love the white and other detail colors. It really stands out in train mode.

TakaraTomy Henkei Astrotrain is the 2063rd Transformer that I've acquired.


He is amazing! He takes away the pain of not getting to the eHobby version in time to avoid three figure pricing.

Hm,he does look better than early bbts pics. Maybe i´ll get him if i can get him for a low price.

The grey & purple goodness looks really nice!

He looks even nicer up close ... want!

Anyone recommend Sky Garry?


I have a Sky Garry knockoff,he´s fun but don´t pay huge bucks. and watch out for knockoffs.

Mark, There are some nice knock-off Sky Garrys, which is all I can afford.

This is real deal... Hmmm, I'll watch... Then pounce!


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