This is not your father's Wreck-Gar.


I gotta admit, the new Wreck-Gar was a lot different than I expected.

Yesterday's "Garbage in, Garbage out" episode of Transformers: Animated was pretty good.

Weird Al was ok and all, but for me the geeking all had to do with Corey Burton reprising Spike and also the appearance of a very pregnant Carly. His Spike voice is a bit different, but that was almost 2 decades ago so I expected some shift.

I so can't wait for his Shockwave!

And Giga reminded me that I'd been saying there should be a garbage truck bot for a long time.


Can't wait to see what Wreck-Gar's toy looks like---actually wasn't too enthralled with Weird Al's voicing though---I didn't think it really made a difference one way or the other. However, two things I am interested in are whether or not Spike and Carly will play more major roles in future eps. and the open-ended story arc of Lugnut crash landing without half of his body.

That should be interesting when they resolve it.

By the way, it occurs to me that these toys are going to so much more fun to actually PLAY with (much quicker to transform in the heat of "battle")---much more so than the movie toys. I gave Blackout and Evac to my son for his birthday (because he asked for both). They're tedious enough for me---if I was seven again, I think I'd get bored transforming them before I even got them set up to play with (like my brother and I used to do back in the '80's).

Last thing, I promise (as we sit here watching the episode again)---I hope they make a leader Lugnut as well as the smaller one in the future---he could be a great larger toy!

One last thing---sorry!

But I have to say---I really hope that they make Wreck-Gar with the Vacuum Attachment! They can patent it as Sanitation VAC ATTACK!

I don't know if you guys are aware but not even one TFA episode has aired here in Ozzieland land. :(

Which means us Aussie TF Losers are something like an episode ahead of you through Youtube :D

If you haven't seen Episode 21 "Velocity" yet, don't get your hopes up. It's a pretty poor episode & a bad filler one at that...

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