Some say ya' troubled boy, just because you like to destroy


So I'm putz'n around this site The Pimp Sled from this guy Altitron on the TFClub boards.

He's done some sketches and shit and damn if there's just all kinds of Shockwavey goodness there!

I think my favorite is this drawing of Grimlock ripping off Shockwave's "proper" arm while Shockwave literally puts a bullet in Grimlock's brain! Damn!

His TF Movie Shockwave idea is awesome too.

I like his Animated Shockwave Concept too.

Oh hell... I'll take the purple and grey one in any shape, way, or form I can find him!


They look Awesome!

It seems like the only difference between your's & his fondness for Shocky is that he's got artistic ability!


I like his Arcee pin-up

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