I have to do this now or I'll regret it.


I have to post this to document the count or else I'll regret it later this summer.

I won't even tell you how off my spreadsheets are. It has probably been 18 months since I updated them.

e-Hobby Ghost Starscream - 2036
TakaraTomy 2008 Wonder Festival Arcee - 2037
Galaxy Force Dark Fangwolf Exclusive - 2038
TakaraTomy Fusion Cluster Protoform Movie Convoy - 2039
TakaraTomy Fusion Cluster Protoform Movie Starscream - 2040
Transformers Movie Bumblebee (Stealth Deco) - 2041
e-Hobby Crystal Rodimus - 2042
e-Hobby Twincast and Flip-Sides - 2043 and 2044
Beast Wars Neo Heinlad - 2045
Takara PVC Silver Alloy Convoy (Chase) - 2046
TakaraTomy Hyper Hobby Scanning Bumblebee (magazine exclusive) - 2047
Botcon 2008 Starscream - 2048
Botcon 2008 Optimus Prime - 2049
Botcon 2008 Jazz - 2050
Botcon 2008 Grimlock - 2051
Botcon 2008 Razorclaw - 2052
Botcon 2008 Goldbug - 2053
Botcon 2008 Megatron - 2054
Botcon 2008 Hot Rod - 2055
Botcon 2008 Blurr and Whisper- 2056 and 2057
Botcon 2008 Sideswipe - 2058
Botcon 2008 Rampage - 2059
Botcon 2008 Divebomb - 2060
Botcon 2008 Ricochet - 2061
Crazy Steve Figure Botcon 2008 Exclusive Skywarp Tetrajet - 2062

I think that is it.

And yes. I'm counting my Crazy Steve exclusive.

It is one of the best things I got this year!


Hasbro could never ever conceive the idea of doing something as cool as a Tetrajet for an exclusive, could they? And if they did, they still find a way to make it crap. Crazy Steve is the man. I really should have ordered one from him, even as a non-GRC attendee...but alas.

To be fair, their Cybertron Starscream and their Titaniums aren't bad (and transform). But I agree - Crazy Steve did an amazing job with the Tetrajets.

There is just something cool when someone who is a fan makes something that's good.

I've gotta feeling that seeing the total reach "2063" made you, at first, feel happy - & then sad :)

who was 2059?

That's a pretty big deal to me that someone would consider fanmade thingys as part of their collection count, especially when that collection has so many other more legitimate and exciting pieces.

It is such a tough call how to categorize and whether or not to count fanmade stuff as part of an official collection. I'd personally only count fanmade/fanpainted robots that are made of plastic (which may sound odd at first but it's an important qualifier). This almost exclusively involves exclusives from non-official Botcon conventions that are recolors or repaints of existing toys. So Botcon '04 Breakdown I'd count along with the couple of garage kits, repainted PVCs and recolored minicars I've gotten from other fans or fan conventions. Plush or stuffed animals and potato-based figures I don't count as Transformers, fanmade or official. When I think of a Transformer collection, Slumblebee or Optimash Prime don't really fit in my definition.

Ironically, I don't count anything that I've made myself, although part of the reason I started making stuff in the first place was to have things unique to my collection. It's like the CSFs are their own little ancillary universe. Some of them are so simple they're essentially refrigerator magnets without magnets, and that's hard for me to consider a Transformer.

Hey Nala, are we going to get individual photos and/or reveiws on the haul? I'm especially interested in the "Shattered Glass" stuff as I had planned on going to Botcon this year (my first!) but was unable to and also missed out on the nonattending preorder.

Wow, impressive haul. I second Alpha Zero's request for more individual pics - when you have some free time and the inclination to ... pretty please?

How much was e-Hobby Crystal Rodimus going for at BotCon?

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