Steven Moffat will replace Russel T Davies!!!


And from an office somewhere between Ohio State University and Beechwold... there was much rejoicing from a cubicle!!!

This is probably the best news for the franchise that could happen.

Quite frankly, every episode he's scripted for the past 4 series has pretty much been the best episodes of the revitalized Who (in this geek's opinion).

And now, hopefully that'll spill over into the general series as a whole.

Who - Davies + Moffat = higher quality storytelling and 500% less gay innuendo!!!


Absolutely agree. Blink was a supreme piece of TV...


I know better but every time you post about "Who" I keep thinking "The Who" ie the rock band.

Then I start to get excited about phrases like "New Who" and I thinking "hey, new music" then I realize "Oh wait, Doctor..."

Man....good news, indeed! I'm ready for the series to get even better now!

Sad, but this makes my day.

Great news. Hope the change works to keep things fresh.

You know, my brother says the same thing about the innuendo stuff, including in a lot of the books that they've written after the novelizations of the original series. I don't really follow the Who stuff, but overt relationship crap that doesn't further the original fiction of any continuity turns me off.

I'm a big fan of Moffat from Coupling, one of my favorite programs ever. And Blink was fantastic also.

Funny, I just got through season 1 of Coupling and am headed on to season 2. I'm really enjoying it.

Nala, off topic, but I just got my Rodimus and StarScream revoltechs in after seeing yours and MAN are they sweet!!!! They, Optimus and Megs are holding my desk down at work with the help of the NECA Ninja Turtles.

It's good having a corner office!

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