Tomy-Takara Beast Wars repaints


So in Japan, they are rerunning Beast Wars and Tomy-Takara is rereleasing some Beast Wars molds again.

However, some of them differ from what Hasbro recently released and 2 of them stand out enough that I'll want to get them.

Takara Reissue CheetorThe repainted Cheetor is really nice figure and looks so much better than the previous releases and repaints of it.

Dare I say he almost looks exactly like he does in the show, or as much as one can expect from that mold.

I'll definitely be getting him soon.

And the Black Arachnia repaint is really good too and far superior to the original Hasbro version that looks nothing like the character.

On the whole, there never has been a real good figure for the original pre-Transmetal 2 Black Arachnia. She was pretty much just a repaint of Tarantulus where you swapped the "mutant" heads for one character or the other. Pretty lame but hey, I can see why the did it.

Takara Repaint Black ArachniaBut leave it to the Japanese to finally repaint it looking like the actual characters.

And speaking of decently painted practically show-accurate characters, Evebird got a huge lot of Takara Beast Wars Returns figures off of Ebay recently.

I can't find the link he sent so I can't verify what he got. I may snag some of his extras.

Then again, I've been buying a ton of crack lately and any sense of budge went out the door in January.

And JN, who sold me the Fort Max, also has a Grand Slam and some miscellaneous Headmaster parts I may want.

I promised myself that if I ever acquired a certain figure I'd probably stop collecting.

Yeah. Right.

Addiction. Lame ass adult toy collector addiction.



Never was really a fan of the beast wars figures ... I only have a few of 'em.

I was such a fan of Beast Wars. . . even Beast Machines, now that I've given the series a fair shake. (Like me owning Backstop, that one's Nala's fault. I have the whole cast. I even have all the sorta-show accurate BWR figures except Tankor.) But I can sort of agree that there were a lot of toys that weren't worth it that were non-show characters. And some of the best toys weren't released on this side of the pond. *coughHeinladStampyLongrackBigConvoycough*

Anyway, if nothing else, the BA makes this all worth it. The purple and green were embarassing, y'know?

I checked the completed listing and there aren't any extras. Too bad, the Blackarachnia is pretty and the Silverbolt is the only tolerable version of the toy.

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