Gotsta get me some Black Convoy


2007_02_26_binaltechblackco.jpgI needs to get me one of these Wonder Festival 2007 Exclusive Binaltech Black Convoys soon.

There's something about the deco that looks nicer than the Hasbro Nemesis Prime exclusive from last year's San Diego Con.

Takara seems to have modified the Hasbro packaging too. I was wondering if this would come in a KISS Player box or old-school Binaltech box but ya know, I like it.

They typically have done very differently colored packaging for exclusives and this maintains that trend.

You know it doesn't belong to any mainstream line.

I like that.

I like that a lot.


So much nicer... I think it's that 'gunmetal' gray they used, instead of all that Hasbro black.

I meant to put in an order to have one snagged pre-Wonderfest, but got tangled up in other things. Damn!

There's one going on eBay now; and another on Tfieds, but at $200 I would expect it to brew tea too, and resurrect the deceased. ^_^

If you see any from a reputable reseller, lemme know; I'd love to get one too. My heart-on for BTs knows no reason. ^_^

Holy crap!

The one on eBay is at $240 with $22 shipping and over a day left on the auction... and the one on Tfieds appears to have a stand-in photo of Nemmy.

Stupid exclusivity...

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