Transformers is really just cheesy sci-fi.


How To Make Cheesy Sci-Fi.

And yes. Transformers pretty much nails every aspect.

Boring Laws of Physics You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Chemistry You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Biology You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Economy You Have To Ignore? Check!
Mechas? Obviously. Check!
Energy beams? Check!
Teleporters? Check!
Automatic Translators?Check!
Control panels with aleatory blinking unnamed buttons? Check!
Mollusk-like Aliens? Check!
Paranormals? Check!
Spandex? Check!
Old wise people and a kid that is the "chosen one"? Oh my god! Check! Check! Check!
Monarchy? Check!
Robot? Duh! Check!
Invincible Foes? Check!
Slavery? Check!


you forgot giant boiler room basement on a seed ship.

or was that only in Space Mutiny?

Oh God, someone HAD to bring up Space Mutiny. Now all I'll be able to think about for the rest of the day is Debbie Allen and "Calgon, take me away!"

Oh, and Big McLargehuge.

payback's a bitch, eh, frowny?

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