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RID PrimeOf course around these parts love of the Fire Convoy mold is a given.

It was RID Optimus Prime, along with Team Bullet Train and Wedge, that got me into serious crack addiction back in 2001 or so.

Remy Rodis' 6" Titantium RID Optimus Prime gallery is fantastic!

Sure, there's a lack of detail due to the size of his head and all but I'm not going to let that ruin him for me.

He's just great!


I love that he used Peeping Tom Fire Convoy for size comparison.

JRX/Rail Racer is the finest gestalt ever produced.

Scientific fact. There is no room for debate.

Frowny - I like JRX/Rail Racer as a combiner too, but what about Lio Kaiser? I don't own him (that's my holy grail) but he looks sweet.

Good luck on the Leo Kaiser there DL. Then again, I never ever thought I'd own a Black Super Fire Convoy.

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