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So I putzed around today.

Car Robots Speedburner (alt mode)

I loves me some Car Robots Speedburner.

Car Robots Speedburner (alt mode)

I love the metallic sheen his original paint job has. It is rare to see that in a TF.

Robots In Disquise Skid-Z

RID Skid-Z suffers from his G2 auto-transform gimmick but he still makes a decent race car.

Car Robots Wrecker Hook

Amazingly, the mold for Car Robots Wrecker Hook has also been done to death much like Skid-Z mold. Too bad he didn't have a purpose to be in the animated show.

A good Cerebros (Fortress) and a crappy one!

It is kind of sad when the PVC of Cerebros is a thousand times better than the actual G1 figure.


cerebros pvc*waft waft*

I got the RobotMasters Reiji/Mirage version of RID Skid-Z ... it is a nice mold.

DL: Yeah. Those molds have been repainted so many times. The RM Reiji/Mirage is a great paint deco. Almost like Classics Mirage really.

Mark: Well. That depends on which Victory Saber you mean.

I have the real G1 Victory Saber, the standard Robot Masters versions of Star Saber and Victory Leo, the 2-Pack Star Saber and Victory Leo, these black magazine exclusive versions (the auction), as well as the Mega PVC and smaller PVC versions.

I'm only missing the "Junior" version of Star Saber I think.

Hmmm, I might go for these then, as they look mucho coolio...


They only stand about 6" tall.

And I barely have room to swing cats in my house... Hence the smaller the better!


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