Takara Gasket (Police Type) Exclusive


Takara Gasket (Police Type Exclusive) Face

I'm in a very weird mood today and actually opened my only Takara Gasket figure done up in the police deco.

It is quite possibly one of the finest repaints I've seen in a basic figure.


Takara Gasket (Police Type Exclusive) (Alt Mode)

Takara Gasket (Police Type Exclusive) (Bot Mode)

Takara Gasket (Police Type Exclusive) (Alt Mode)

If you are fan of this mold I highly recommend this guy.

That is if you can even find him.


Yeah, this is probably the first mold that's been redecoed that many times where I actually would own all of them.

Besides the seekers, of course.

While I would love to own this repaint ... the fact that he's an import + rare/hard to find + limited edition = way outta my limited budget.

FYI: I paid $20 for him.

Believe me. You can find him fairly cheap. He's exclusive to some store but he had a very large production run.

OoOoOoh... he looks so much better than I thought he did; for a colourscheme of black, white and silver, he looks VERY good. I think I'm going to have to get this guy. ^_^

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