A sick perverted anniversary.


One year ago today, I broke the 1300 mark with the plastic crack.

I have added 271 Transformers to the Attic of Loveā„¢ in the 355 days since then!

Bad fuck'n craziness man!!!

I am the lame.


Mad craziness. I don't have over 600 (not counting doubles and such).

Well, we're talking about craziness here, so doubles count. I think he means the absolute total number of transformers, period.

As of today, I'm at 410, and should hit 416 by the end of next week. (Stupid postal system!)

Is is lame that when I read "Stupid postal system!" I heard Homer Simpson saying it?

I heard it while typing it, so probably yes.


Nala do you count PVCs and such? I don't but if so I'm well over 900. If not, how did you get to 1600? Doubles? Non-Transformers? Foreign? What? I can't tell from the Attic of Love pics. I have about 80% of US releases since 1984, and am still nowhere near you.

Ok. This is one of those things that gets iffy with collectors but for me, since I keep everything in a spread sheet, recorded by year/line, company, etc., it works best for me.

Each figure that is a Transformer is counted. That includes each PVC, Micromaster, duplicate (since I have some army building ones), etc.

Combiners are counted as their individual components and I do not count their combine formed.

Since I count indivual Micromasters, I also count individual Minicons as well.

Some other duplicates were purchased because quite frankly, they looked good and this is especially true of a few non-traditional combiners from the later lines. This includes a few extra Energon figures (Checkpoint and Prowl) who look good combined together, as well as a few extra Energon Autobots I bought just to have in the powerlinked moded.

I even count such figures as the 1 Transmutuate that is spread over the 10th Anniversary Beast Wars figures because I consider them valid.

I don't count knock-offs that I may have for future customizing and stuff.

I consider my PVCs and my quest for all of the Takara ones a very valuable part of my collection since they are based on the anime model sheets and some of those characters are my favorites. Hell. Some of those PVCs are my favorites (Chase Lava Rodimus Convoy comes to mind!).

Trying to separate out duplicates and such got to be too much of a pain in the ass. I mean I could consider Hasbro versions of some things to be merely duplicates of the Takara release so it proved rather pointless.

If it was sold by Hasbro or Takara or a licensed vendor (for the PVCs) and was clearly a likeness of a Transformer it would count for me.

If I owned those busts and statues though I wouldn't count them. I don't know why but I just don't consider the PVCs or Mega SFC PVCs as merely statues.

Now when my home remodeling is finished and the house is packed up to move and such I'll do a major inventory and try to cross-check the spreadsheets. I plan on keeping the current # as the "number of TFs I've ever purchased" and also pull out the items I want to sell off. I'll keep an actual running total the # actually that I own.

Since I started using the blog as a repository for such silliness, I don't actually keep the database online so those "number in collection" tags here and on my Flickr photo pages would be impossible to alter in any reasonable fashion if I removed items from the collection.

Cool. Thanks for the explanation. I pretty much follow same theories, just never included PVCs. I want to go count them now.

Yeah. For me they are important because tracking down all those Takara chase pieces have been a royal pain in the ass.

However, I do not include those clear or pewter ones. Only the full color ones.

I count PVCs and such because if Action Masters count than PVCs count.

And I don't count Kicker, but I count Transmutate because he/she/it was a protoform.

damn you, nala...for 2 reasons:

1--you have more TFs than me

2--i am now working on my own spreadsheet

Anonymous: I'm not proud that I have this. Believe me. It just kind of happened.

And the spreadsheet is the best way I've found to even keep track of this now. Unfortunately, I really need to spend about 2 days doing a complete inventory and adding condition and such to the sheet so I'll have that info handy to sell these off later.

I think I'd like to eventually condense the whole Attic of Love down to 1 shelf of figures I really care about.

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