Something show-accurate this way comes.


Did I tell you that Mr. E. is selling off some crack to pay for Botcon 06? Probably not.

Anyway, I'm buying his Takara Beast Wars Metals Jaguar, the only figure in existence that actually looks like Ravage (Jaguar) did in Beast Wars Season 2 episodes.

That should complete my collection of show-appearing Beast Wars characters.


I'm down to needing just Blackarachnia (not TM2) and Terrorsaur. . . and then I'll probably finish my BW Neo collection. I have no idea what the series was like but I really, really like the Neo toys.

Congrats on the Ravage.

Is Mr. E driving to Botcon with us?

Yes. He will be. You. Me. Giga. E.

Um, wow. There are 26 people watching Soundwave with 4 days to go.

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