More crack.


Giga was out in the far Cowlands last night and found me a Cybertron Soundwave, Repugnus, and Shortround!


Though I've heard and read that Soundwave is pretty crappy.


I found Shortround last week but haven't seen Repugnus or Soundwave. Maybe if I find one of them this weekend I will pick it up as a reward for finishing the semester. This class I took was a major pain in the butt. I'm very glad that its over.

I've had Soundwave for a while. It's one of the only Cybertron toys I've actually anticipated getting.

While I like the toy overall and I like the idea behind the update (Stealth bomber form is approrpriate and he's generally vampiric looking), He just doesn't seem like Soundwave. He's too spindley to be soundwave.

Also Lazerbeak gets screwed in the alt form department, wha with turning into a bomb and all.

Crack I've acquired locally this week:

Energon Sabre/Emergency Minicon Repaints

Soundwave isn't crappy. I won't steal your thunder by reviewing him on your sight, but I think he's pretty cool overall.

Josh: Pretend he's one of old G1 Soundwave's "batteries"!!! =)

That's actually one of my favorite design elements of the old one. Batteries become weapons!

Alex: I really don't review figures much. Go ahead. Who knows when I'll find time to open him up and all.

Do any of you know anyone that got the Galaxy Force Soundblaster repaint?

Alex: Did you find all those at retail? Ive been hunting around but have only come across Shortround from that list. What irked me the most was that I was at the N. Olmstead Target and they had 2 Shortrounds, but not a single Repugnus.


Yes, all at retail. All in North Olmsted, actually. Picked up the deluxes at Target this morning and Soundwave at Wallyworld acros the street (there was at least one more).

I am sure I saw another Repugnus at Target this week. Would not worry- he'll be abundant soon.

yeah, i've got the soundblaster's pretty sweet--especially if you like that "vampire/bat" look that some have commented on.

i definitely dig both of the bots. this was one of the galaxy force/cybertron toys that i was really looking forward to. my only main complaint of the toys is that i can't quite seem to get a nice, centered fit for the cockpit in alt mode. at the nose of the cockpit there is a peg that fits nicely into the main body of the ship. however, there are also two peg holes further up that seem to want to fit with the pegs on SW's legs that form the main body. When i try to get all three in place, the cockpit becomes off-center. for me, it seems you can only choose between mounting the cockpit via the one peg it has in the front or the two peg holes in the back.

and another thing (just remembered)...the legs also don't seem to have a tight fit in alt mode as well. while there is a definite "track" for the legs to go, i'm always trying to make the legs have a nicer fit.

but here's my REAL issue with GF Soundblaster--the freaking box!! i've always been very happy with japanese transformers because the ones i've gotten all seem to have a nice tray insert so that you can take them out or put them back in the box. GF SB (and TRU Sonic Convoy set) has been banished to twist tie hell...usually i wouldn't care. I don't keep cybertron boxes because pretty much once you take 'em out all the inner box packaging becomes difficult to salvage. and since GF SB is an exclusive, i'd really hate to ditch the box. so when i got the toy, i really had to decide what to the end, i only took out SB (not buzzsaw or the weapon modules [because i'd have to rip out the tape]) THEN, i carefully re-twist tied him back into the box. now that i have SW, i can keep him in bot mode and keep SB in alt mode.

ugh, i'm a nerd. maybe i've gone crazy with all this plastic crack i've been accumulating...

I found Repugnus at the Parma Walmart this evening.

Alex: are you Quickshift on the Tfans boards?

Anonymous: I think I may still get him if I find him cheaper at one of the cons. He's not a must-have but I like the redeco.

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