What's the greatest thing ever? The fact that he's using TFs as his medium, or the fact that all these fanboys(or girls--don't wanna discriminate) are trying to rip this guy a new one?

I saw this article a few days ago, and I'm surprised to see just how crazy the debate has gotten from so many intellectual camps.

Personally, I rather enjoy the ideas the artist is trying to embody in his work. However, his execution is much to be desired. (At least by my pea-sized brain.)

The best part of the article for me is observing all of the comments going on about the work: some are very articulate, while others are just godawful. my favorite one right now is, "these arent masterpieces…they are masterpieces of shit." (kinda makes you want to do a doubletake...)

anyways, it's great that people get all huffy and puffy over an argument that truly can never be "won." If you like the art, you're a TF hater, a snob, etc. If you don't like the art, you're just another backwards-ass close-minded person that is the cause of all the problems in society...

More than meets the eye, indeed!

I love the fact how so often adults who have hundreds of frigg'n toys under the guise of "collectibles" get bent out of shape about what somebody else is doing with something like this.

I just found it fascinating because quite frankly, it beats the hell out of this shit collecting dust on a shelf.

I have practically 1600 Transformers and I find what he's doing interesting. It is just another form of what's called "found art" more or less.

The only part that bugs me is seeing parts of a TF I've had a hard time finding-a little voice goes "Oh sure, I can't find it but he gets to break one! Bitch." Other than that, I dig it enough but it doesn't distract me like Mr. Dob or Sony Outsider, and most contemporary art leaves me wanting. (My mother's a docent at the Albright Knox in Buffalo, so I've seen my fair share of contemporary art. If it comes anywhere near you, you should check out THE WALL, an exhibit of Chinese contemporary art-the rubbings of the Great Wall are massive enough to give you a sense of the size of the frigging thing-it's enormous.) I think most fanboys are looking at it from a "TFs are SACRED!!!" approach rather than a critical viewpoint. . . making their opinion largely irrelevant. It shouldn't be judged on the materials used, it should be judged on its merits as actual art.

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