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Botcon Primal


Botcon actually has delivered something I really frigg'n want!!!

As I had hoped, the pre-Beast form Optimus Primal has been revealed and he's indeed based on the Cybertron Crumplezone mold.



I envisioned this mold working perfectly and they delivered! His alt mode looks good too.

Unrelated to Botcon but of course, related to other cons and Transformers is the unveiling by Iacon One of their souveniers.

We get the two Beast Wars era golden disks!

It is Beast-a-riffic in 2006!


If you go to Iacon One and they have extra sets of the disks for sale, I would be very appreciative if you picked me up a set.

I don't forsee myself going to Iacon One but wouldn't mind buying a set of the disks.

Wow. He IS pretty.

I'm a bit disappointed they didn't remold the Ransack head for Rattrap though.

Loving the color scheme on Primal. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually *like* the translucent red, particularly in vehicle mode.

Jeremy: I think I am still going. I haven't registered or anything though.

Frowny: Yeah. Evebird send me a link to an Asian auction that was a "Ransack" repaint that had the repainted key.

Yeah. Without retooled heads it doesn't totally work.

But I do like this Primal. This is exactly the mold I wanted!!!

The translucent red totally works for me.

I would have preferred Autolander/Brakedown, mostly because he's way closer to Rattrap's transmetal "roadster" mode. But I digress. It's still way better than three differently colored Buzzclaws.

Brakedown would have worked too. I can see what you mean about the similarities.

And I think Evebird read somewhere that there will still be additional repaints of things like the Buzzclaws.

Yes. Alvarez stated on the TF club message boards that there would be some additional "souvenir" figures at the '06 convention. These are figures that you can only buy at the show in person, like Ratchet from last year.

He did not specify how many would be available, who they would be, or how much money they would cost. None of those details will be revealed until the show begins. Or until images are leaked from Hong Kong.

Alvarez did say they were upping the production run slightly compared to last years souvenir figures. And Alvarez thinks they will be enormously popular, selling out probably by Friday or Saturday.

So I think it's probably safe to assume there will be 2-3 additional recolors of the "Dawn of Futures Past" set. Probably no new heads. Just straight repaints. Could be they'll offer a Tigatron or Airrazor since the voice guests are attending? Part of me thinks they've got to make a companion pre-BW Megatron, but that seems really unlikely. Or maybe there is some figure with a connection to the G1 Red Alert logo. Whatever the case, it will be fun to have a couple more surprises to look forward to. Should really be a promising set of figures altogether.

Big fan of Crumplezone and this fusion of Optimus and Crumlezone really works for me. Only wish I had the Three Hundy to score one at Botcon. *sigh*

Doug: If it is anything like last year they'll hopefully have individual loose figures you can buy that will be a lot less than the $300 for the set.

Don't toy with me Nala. This addiction is spreading from son to father. ;-)

I don't kid!

Last year, after pick-up of the preordered items, they had a booth where you could get extras or individual items.

If my memory is bad perhaps Everbird or Jeremy can verify.

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