Broad-oo-cast. Sound-oo-wavah.


I came across this link courtesy of and I've never seen it subtitled but only with the horrible StarTV dub.

I really hope Transformers Headmasters gets released in a Region 1subtitled version. The damn thing has been released in Europe so why the hell not.

Sure the audience is small. Sure the animation is poor. But this whole DVD region encoding bullshit for niche products is totally crazy.


I'm glad you liked the clip.

I don't get the whole hate-on for Headmasters. Despite the fact that I only saw the infamous dub I still think it was better than both Season 3 and Rebirth.

Of course, I'm one of the few who actually really liked it when Scorponok blew up Cybertron.

wutonchu: Yes! Thanks!

Frowny: While I think some of the stories are pretty weak in and of themselves, I don't dislike Headmasters on the whole.

I was able to see... or should I say "hear" through the bad dub and still like it. Hell. The quality of my two VHS tapes is worse than this.

I would really like to see this on DVD with subtitles though.

I am sooooo a fan of Fortress just hanging around his bridge in head mode. I just don't know why but I am.

even though soundwave blew up like a little bitch, he DID manage to kick broadcast's ass with only one arm!!

i guess the real question is when the critical hits were made.

another great part about this fight is the fact that even though both bots are shooting each other at pretty much point-blank range, it all boils down to the melee.

Yeah. I love how they just basically are 30 ft apart and firing at point blank range and basically missing!

It is sad that Headmasters was such a "transitional" series in terms of animation.

While not intended for a non-Japanese audience, they still used the general style and conventions of the first 3 US seasons.

I can only imagine how this battle would look if this series was done today.

Hell. I'd take a 10 minute battle scene if it involved all the cassettes fighting too!

Well yeah, I'll agree that stories of magnetic bugs and giant plants and Battle Beasts (and especially the whole 'trading this giant 3.5 floppy with all the Master Sword information for Wheelie, as if that makes sense on ANY LEVEL WHATSOEVER' thing) were pretty silly. But there wasn't a single episode as unwatchable as Carnage in C Minor, and like your enjoyment of Fortress being a giant head on the bridge I enjoyed a lot of the little things-like Hardhead's karaoke, Fortress keeping the mini-master sword in his dashboard right next to the lighter, that time in Sweden when it looked like the kid was getting intimate with his donkey, Sixshot in one of the last episodes being all "You like gladiator movies, Danny?" and of course, Galvacron.

Bonus points for offing Ultra Magnus, who was totally useless when not played by Robert Stack, IMO. And besides Perceptor and Wheeljack showing up in Victory, this is the last place you get to see the guys from '84 to '86.

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