Is this Alternator Camshaft for real?


Alternator Camshaft?

Well if this is a legitimate Hasbro product that we've never heard about then I think we may have on our hands the worst Alternator repaint ever. Well. More appropriately a repaint of a slight retool that was only available in the Takara Binaltech line.

In Japan, Prowl was released as both a standard police car (as one would expect for eventual release in the US) and also in a plain blue version sans police lights and sirens.

This "supposed" Camshaft is a repaint of that simpler retool and man, if this is in fact real, it is the worst possibly repaint that could have been created as shelf-filler.

I don't even know if a new head would make it any better but that would have at least helped it a tiny bit.

That leaves the practically impossible to find Optimus Prime, the yet-to-be-released Mirage, the yet-to-be-released Rumble, and this.

There's probably a Nemesis Prime repaint of the Dodge Ram and maybe a Frenzy repaint of this Rumble mold too.

Man. I think Alternators may just be winding down.


He's only slightly more welcome than Rollbar, considering Prowl never sat on the shelf as long as Swindle, but still. . . that's just really lazy.

And no Bumblebee yet, but TWO omnibots.

Sadly, it looks like this line will end without seeing a single European car.

Meh, I passed on Rollbar and Richochet too. Originally I wanted all the alternators, but these flat out repaints are kind of lame. The only other one I'm missing is Swerve.

At least there' still Prime an Mirache to look forward too.

For some reason Swerve commands a pretty high resale price now. I've seen him go for $80 on Ebay.

Dammit. I missed that. here's hoping someone worthy got him.

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