Cybertron Nemesis Breaker


Cybertron Nemesis Breaker

He's a black/grey repaint of Leobreaker just with a lamer name.

Number in Collection: 1579


Silly repaint...enough about him...METROPLEX has reached Ohio!

I haven't seen him down here in Cowtown yet.

But then again, I'm waiting for him to go on clearance.

I've learned my lesson buying the big guys. I end up finding a ton of them 40-50% off later on.

Thats exactly why I havent bought Optimus. I got Galvatron for 25% at HasbroToyShop back around my B-day, and then got Megatron for my B-Day

For size plus posability, his robot mode's a definite keeper.

Alt mode, not so much.

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