E-Hobby TF United Hot Rod

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E-Hobby TF United Hot Rod

I love that Takara, for the most part, always tries to come up with a logical explanation of their repaints.

While yes, they may be thin explanations, they at least aren't usually obscene repaints like Hasbro often does.

Doing a redeco of Hot Rod in the energy in-between state after he grabbed the Matrix of Leadership and before he became Rodimus Prime is great.

E-Hobby TF United Hot Rod

The detail of the mold itself really shines through, especially inside the car itself.

E-Hobby TF United Hot Rod

I need to figure out a way to really capture these translucent figures well in photos. The light box doesn't cut it for the depth of field I want and the details I want to capture.

E-Hobby TF United Hot Rod

Exterior natural sunlight may do the trick. Hmmm.....

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