Evil window Revoltech Megatron is evil.

Window Revoltech Megatron hates you.

What's funny is that a part of me wants to always think of Megatron as this penultimate, and relatively honorable, emperor of (moderate) destruction and then I make the mistake of putting in the G1 DVDs and I'm once again reduced to thinking of his weekly "scheme to steal earth's energy" ploys.

Screw you and your ruby crystals!

If you really look at the true canon of G1 cartoon characterization there ain't a whole lot to appreciate about the guy.

However, with that said, he sure as hell had a lot more to do in any single minute than that lame ass other version. Hell... I'll take a whining psychotic Galvatron over that even!

Can someone remind me why Frank Welker couldn't have been hired to provide those 10 lines of dialogue again?


You really need to find your Revy Prime & take some action shots. I hope his arm cannon clips back on easy enough (you're starting to get me worried about my Revy's, when they eventually get here that is)

Well, see, Frank Welker is awesome and all but Michael Bay wanted a really different direction for this one - a little-known, experienced VA whose wild gesticulations in the recording booth would really bring an entirely new dimension to the character.*

In additional defence of Bay et al; they took their CGI footage, and played a line of Welker voiceover from the 80s cartoon and wouldn't you know it, but the sound processing just sounded hollow and tinny. Same reason they couldn't use Peter Cullen for Ironhide.

* Making all of one dimensions.

I find I enjoy my Transformers more if I just ignore all forms of "official story" and more or less "Make up my own shit loosely based on vague memories of the first three episodes of the original cartoon and the movie"

This makes Ultra Magnus a bas ass and all of the Decepticons competent warriors.

Nala-He certainly had more on the ball than Dr. Claw, or Cobra Commander with his plots of teaching children to read or hiding hallucinogenic balloons in a Mayan temple. (No, I'll never get over that one.) At the same time, this was a show that had all the subtlety necessary to name a mad scientist Dr. Archevil. (But pronounced Ark-e-ville. Then again, I'm a huge Jack Kirby fan and he did name a planet Apokolips, so it's all relative.) OK, so he wasn't Khyron, but did you really want him all genocidal? Welker still does an impressive job.

RJ-Not even the limitless bounds of your imagination should be able to make Ultra Magnus cool. What was cool was when Six Shot killed his ass and then no one cared like three episodes later. (This was, of course, Headmasters. Also known as "Sixshot can kick anyone's ass.")

JOP-I wouldn't describe Hugo Weaving as little-known. Then again, I don't describe Danny Trejo or William Sadler as little-known. I expect geeks to know their character actors.

Also, I would pay any amount of money to see "The Adventures of Megatron, Queen of the Desert." He could even transform into that giant pump slide they used in the stage show.

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