He'll always be Animated God Ginrai to me!

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Takara TF Animated Wingblade Convoy

I love how he looks like like a modern Ginrai with bits of Victory Leo there in the forward facing dual cannons.

I mean...the wings and forearns are all Ginrai...

Hasbro Super God Ginrai PVC

I was also surprised at how translucent he is. I didn't expect that at all when I opened up the box from BBTS.

Ahhh. One day I'll have to explain to my sons that Ginrai is not Optimus Prime. That will be a glorious day!

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I wasn't going to import this one, but a friend of mine traded me one for Animated Rodimus and Ironhide. I didn't know it was going to be translucent until I got it, though, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it works. My only real gripe is the gimpy way the backpack attaches.

And I flipped those wingtip thruster thingys around so you can't see the holes.

Glad you're back, BTW.

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