E-Hobby TF United Junkion Scrapheap

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E-Hobby TF United Junkion Scrapheap

I have yet to come across an $11 Generations Wreck-Gar but I've now got a $40 resculpt/redeco. Funny how that works.

E-Hobby TF United Junkion Scrapheap

I have to admit. He's really quite nice.

I despise the G1 Wreck-Gar mold and refuse to allow one into the collection. My excitement when I saw that they'd come up with a modern one was pretty great. I mean, it has been pretty hard to do motorcycles that make decent bots.

E-Hobby TF United Junkion Scrapheap

It really is quite nice. Hastak has managed to hide the mass and parts in alt mode and come up with a totally appropriate and decent robot.

Now yes, they did an adequate job with that original movie Arcee even through the style is a visual abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

And let's face it... those 2nd movie Arcee's are pure shit.

E-Hobby TF United Junkion Scrapheap

I really need to figure what's going on with my SLR. I'm having a helluva time with my focusing on all my lenses. I'm pretty certain I've ruled out user error.

It is sad when the $200 point and shoot sometimes works better than the $1500 setup.

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