Perfection in transforming robot form.


Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

Every now and then a Transformer comes along that is in this humble geeks opinion is perfection personified.

And that figure is most definitely now found in the recently released and generally expensive Henkei Ligier Electro Disruptor redeco.

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

I am a total whore for monochrome color palettes. And this version gives me that with more love than I ever could have hoped for.

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

The tiny splashes of red here and there over a generally translucent figure is just f'n amazing.


Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

He is totally worth the $100 I spent on him.

He's better than all those ugly ass movie robots that have been released this past few months.

$100 for this version is better than dropping $100 for that ugly ass movie Devastator trash monster.


Awesome pics! Thanks for posting. Damn, he is one fine looking TF ... wish he wasn't so pricey.

just orgasmed a little...

Looks good. I like what you did with that last picture to make him look "invisible."

nice figure. I have the Mirage G1 Ko Clear and is awesome too. I really like the last picture...

Completely agree with you. This is probably one of my favorite TFs in the line. I have almost every colorway of this mold...the form is just brilliant with this color scheme just pure icing on the cake. Love the photos and totally worth the money!

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