And it is translucent blue too...



It is kind of funny when it appears a knock-off translucent G1 Mirage may come out (from Tformers) and it looks a thousand times better than that Botcon version from earlier this summer.


Wow, looks quite cool actually...


Hasbro say the molds for certain G1 Figs are "lost/destroyed" & then you look at the results of the reverse-mold process that true TF fans are producing...

All you can do is shake your head

Did we ever learn *why* the BotCon Mirage was done in dark translucent blue instead of just clear? Did they actually want it to look like that, or were there productions issues that influenced the design? That figure was a big disappointment.

Of course, if the BotCon folks could/would have used the G1 mold instead of the Classics one, that would already have been an improvement.

But I still don't understand why FP used such a DARK translucent blue....


I was pretty sure that Pete did say at one point that it was a conscious decision, but I can't seem to find the reference. (The club boards have the world's worst search engine, and I'm not even sure that's where the comment was, wasting time as I tried to find the reference)

If I recall, they said it had something to do with the yellowing of the translucent plastic they would have to use. I heard that at the con.

It certainly has (historically) been the case that clear plastic tends to yellow (even in many cases where the toy was well taken care of. Apparently the folks behind the clear Alternator don't care as much. (We don't expect the folks behind knock-offs to care, do we?) ;)

Tinting Botcon Mirage blue was a great workaround. It'll be fun to see if this plastic that is certain to yellow will eventually make those figures turn green.

I think that at the first sign of yellowing I will attempt to tint my BT-18 and this clear Mirage. I have nothing to lose.I know a guy who would buy clear SCF PVCs and tint them with RIT dye and they came out great.

It is odd that the windshields on my '84 Autobots haven't yellowed by now. I guess the plastic used was of a higher grade back then.

I think it probably was both a different grade and a different type, if that makes sense. The rigidity is definitely different between say, a windshield from 1984 and the clear plastic they use in today's transforming robot bodies.

It's also my understanding that clear plastics are slightly more prone to breakage than their coloured breathren... perhaps the dye also acts as some sort of reinforcing / flexibility agent?

I wonder how those people that pay $1,000 for Super-Lucky Draw clear G1 toys feel about translucent plastics yellowing.

All I know is I saw Elvin Pena trying to sell his clear Convoy last year at Botcon and it was yellowing. I don't think that was an official release but it was in the #0 TF Collection box. I wonder if he ever sold it.

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