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Of course, I want Knight Boat and now I get Nightbird!!!

I'm not winning here at all.

She's nice.

I don't know if she's $45.95 nice.

But she's nice.


Then again, after a link was posted earlier today to this, I don't think I can quite look at her the same way.


If I buy her, can I convince one of you customizers to sculpt me a little set of nunchuck dildoes?

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Well I can say the companies toys are top quality. I bought the Quintesson and it's absolutely great.

I want to get the whole line but will have to do it a piece at a time. Too bad they couldnt' give us a size comparison in the picture but I'd assume she's 6" about deluxe size.

As for the nunchuku dildos? well a little dremel work and some filing and...

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